I make video games, among other things. You can find a more detailed history here.

A video demonstrating various workflows can be found here.

Highlights of my current work at artstation.

Gameography – includes role & highlighted responsibilities

  • PC World of Warcraft: Legion
    • Senior Technical Artist – Character setup & data maintenance, new character materials feature prototypes. Game UI consultation & feedback. WYSIWYG Audio Event Editor, mentorship & training.
  • PC World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
    • Senior Technical Artist – Support of “Apprentice” program @ Blizzard Academy, established best practices for complex tools setups, technology sharing with cinematics department, Audio Events System 3 (stand alone app) Asset optimization, user support. Character data setup & maintenance.
  • PC World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
    • Senior Technical Artist – Self recovering level build system & web based reporting, Automated Audio Events system 2, Physics tools, Python libraries, misc modeling, reports generation and guidelines.
  • PC World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
    • Senior Technical Artist – Automated Audio Event System , prototype Goblins and Worgen, hiring, asset optimization, materials optimization & library creation. Pipeline migration to Autodesk 2011. Support & migration of custom Maya plugins.
  • PC World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
    • Senior Technical Artist – Death Knight base skin customizations, audio event application, asset performance optimization
  • 360 PS3 Golden Axe: Beast Rider
    • Director of Technical Art, Machinima, Motion Capture, Outsource vendor review, selection and training.
  • 360 PS3 Iron Man: the Game
    • Director of Technical Art – hiring, TA department supervisor, employee discipline, day to day tasking.
  • PSP DS Molotov*
    • Director of Technical Art – development oversight, prototypes
  • PC Gods and Heroes:Rome Rising
    • Technical Artist – Pipeline setup & optimization, UI prototypes, VFX, in Maya Level Editor, DFF importer, Tools installer.
  • PC Star Trek Online*
    • Technical Artist – Pipeline setup & optimization
  • XBX City Under Siege*
    • Senior Technical Artist – destructible object pipeline, prototype models
  • XBX The Adversary*
    • Senior Technical Artist – destructible object pipeline, prototype models
  • XBX Kill Switch 2*
    • Senior Technical Artist –  level tools and pipeline design
  • PS2 GCN XBX Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde
    • Technical Art Director – hiring, VFX, destructible object pipeline, UI, voice overs
  • XBX Nightcaster 2: Equinox
    • Director of Technical Art  – hiring, VFX, destructible object pipeline, UI, voice overs
  • GCN Cubix: Robots for Everyone*
    • Director of Technical Art – created viewer tools for GCN, created character models, rigs and animation.
  • PS2 Land Sea Air*
    • Lead Artist – prototype and hiring of new team
  • PS2 Portal Runner
    • Lead Artist – VFX base effects & tools creation, Art Team oversight, Level Validation tools
  • PC Might & Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer**
    • Additional Artist – character sprite work
  • PS2 Army Men: Sarges Heroes 2**
    • Additional Artist – oversight of auxiliary team, misc modeling & textures.
  • PS1 High Heat Baseball 2001**
    • Additional Artist – misc sprite work, oversight of auxiliary team.
  • PS1 Crusaders of Might & Magic
    • Lead Artist – Oversight of bi-located art teams in Redwood City & Austin. Ensured compliance with art standards, TDRs and localization.  Occasional VFX & modeling. Intranet creation & tools documentation.
  • PS1 Jalapeno Harry*
    • Animator/Character Artist – designed, modeled and animated several MOBs
  • PS1 Spawn: the Eternal
    • Lead Animator – Task tracking, rigging and animation of main character, control tweaking and level asset creation.
  • PS1 MLB Pennant Race**
    • Additional Artist, misc 3D assets.
  • PS1 NHL Face Off
    • Artist – I created 3D assets, and cleaned up sprite animation.


consulting capacity**