Magic in the Moonlight

Thanks to the gang at Ninja Mountain Scrolls for the link!

11218958_851701184878039_370165967664643481_nIt’s been too long since I updated this blog. I seem to have settled on:


as my publishing places of choice. So if you want to see what I’ve been up to, check ’em out!

Road trips & art seem to be good fodder for posts, and as it happens, I took an art focused trip this past weekend.

By the numbers:
40 gallons of gas
900 miles of road
1 fantastic day at the museum
Dozens of photos
7 new pages in the sketch journals
6 new thumbnails
1 underpainting

Basically, lazily painting my way up and down US Route 1, trying to paint by the light of the full moon, and being relieved when sunrise started to creep over the hills. One of my favorites of the weekend was this rock:



That’s all for now!

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